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The immigration process never seems to get any easier.  Complex rules and regulations change frequently and it can be bureaucratic and difficult to understand.

Our professional, industry-regulated immigration and UK visa advisers help businesses and individuals navigate the system, find the appropriate immigration routes or solutions and submit the correct paperwork.

SL&V’s expert UK visa advice makes the immigration process smooth and stress free.

UK Visa Types

Many international citizens who want to come to the UK for leisure, business, study or to see family require a visa.  It can sometimes be difficult to work out which visa is right for your circumstances.  In this section, we break down the visa categories and explain the different visa types.  If you can’t find what you need in our Guide to UK Visas, simply drop us an email.

UK Residency

In certain circumstances, some individuals outside the UK may qualify for UK residency , or may be in the UK and hold an immigration status which would allow progression into a residency category.  There are a number of qualifying routes available, depending on your circumstances.  Your journey may start with limited leave to remain, through to seeking the right to settle indefinitely in the UK or applying for British Citizenship.  We can help guide you through these processes.

For Business

Completing immigration paperwork can become a full time job if you rely on overseas workers or accept international students – we can lighten your workload considerably .  If your company is looking at the prospect of recruiting from a global market, you may need a helping hand in getting started.  Obtaining expert UK visa advice ensures a smooth process and ongoing compliance.