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Settling in another country to live, work or study can be difficult and lonely.  The immigration process is complex and if English isn’t your first language, it can seem challenging.

You need a visa consultant: someone who’s on your side with years of experience in immigration law.  Our friendly and professional visa experts make the process look easy and we pride ourselves on providing a valuable service.

So whether you’re looking to create a new life here, extend a stay or renew or switch a visa, we’ll help you secure all the paperwork you need to make your status in the UK official.

Stress free visa services for non-British nationals

We know that securing your place in the UK to live, work or study isn’t always easy.

Even for those in the business, immigration law changes all the time and the process of gaining visas requires precision, knowledge and consistency.

Immigration applications can be extremely time consuming so we’re here to make it easier for you – allowing you to focus on other commitments.  So if you’re looking to settle into a new life in the UK, extend or maintain your stay, our expert visa consultants can help with:

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Four reasons you’re better off with SL&V

Using qualified visa consultants to apply for UK visas rather than navigating this complex system yourself brings you a whole host of benefits.

With UK immigration laws changing so rapidly, it’s almost impossible to be totally up to speed without a dedicated adviser on your side.  But making a mistake may have a huge impact on your life. Getting the visa process wrong means you might lose your right to live, work or study in the UK. 

Many immigration law firms charge very high fees, particularly in relation to private clients.  You don’t actually need a solicitor to process a visa application – thorough knowledge and experience is the most important factor when navigating immigration processes. This is where we’re different – choosing us gives you access to advisers with greater experience at more affordable rates.

Why take a chance on such a fundamental part of your life in the UK?  Achieving the right paperwork to stay in the UK is essential yet it’s a complex process.  Each stage of any application needs to be exactly right or you risk having your visa declined or delayed.  Our team streamlines the process, ensuring details are correct, reacts efficiently and accurately to requests for additional information and can take proactive steps to speed up your application.

Our leadership team is made up of a qualified Level 3 OISC Immigration Adviser and an ex-Home Office Immigration Officer so we really know our stuff. Whilst most Solicitors have great legal experience, we can also offer our working understanding of the process from the Home Office perspective.