Education Providers

Ease the burden of Student visa sponsorship

Education providers face some of the most challenging immigration responsibilities.

Absolute compliance is essential at every stage and even once licensed, the regulatory risks and requirements are far higher for schools, colleges or universities than any other sector.

To make Student visa sponsorship easier, our team becomes actively involved in supporting all the administrative and compliance work – leaving you more time to focus on the educational experience that brings these overseas students to your door.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders – providing close support to your team for the long term.

Outsource Student visa sponsorship administration

Sponsoring overseas students means taking on a demanding raft of obligations.  

To ensure bogus colleges, scams and absconding students don’t slip through the immigration net, strict regulations require genuine establishments to manage and monitor students very carefully.

We manage the whole process of Student visa sponsorship:

Student Sponsor Licence
To achieve this, you’ll need to prove you are associated with the correct awarding bodies and provide the right exams and certifications to qualify for your Student sponsor licence in the first place.  We know exactly what the Home Office is looking for, so we’ll guide you towards success.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
It’s really important potential students are well vetted before CAS numbers are assigned.  Our team will provide training for those who will interview students to ensure requirements are fulfilled for each application.

Student visa applications
Once the CAS number is successfully assigned, we will then support the individual Student visa too.  We’re able to ensure students fill in their visa applications correctly which reduces your refusal rate and maintains your target ratio.

Ongoing compliance
Even once your students have received their paperwork and begin their studies, you still have a demanding compliance responsibility.  Students need to complete courses to ensure you maintain acceptable compliance ratios so a long term relationship with your immigration experts is key.

Four reasons you’re better off with SL&V

Using qualified consultants to manage Student visa sponsorship rather than navigating this complex system yourself brings a whole host of benefits.

Overseas students contribute to a vibrant diversity within any educational establishment, and a substantial income opportunity.  Yet the scheme also represents a significant risk factor – strict target ratios mean you must maintain compliance at all times.  Our teams are able to support the required success rate you need to avoid your licence being suspended or revoked.

Many immigration law firms charge very high fees, particularly in relation to private clients.  You don’t actually need a lawyer to process a visa application – thorough knowledge and experience is the most important factor when navigating immigration processes. This is where we’re different – choosing us gives you access to advisers with greater experience at more affordable rates.

The rules are very particular for education providers – for instance, in your first year on probation as a Student sponsor, you must ensure overseas students are registered for the correct RQF level courses.  Only once you receive your full sponsorship licence can you offer places on courses with lower levels of qualification. This is only one example of the many rules academic institutions can fall foul of whilst trying to maintain a Student sponsor licence.  

Our leadership team is made up of a qualified Level 3 OISC Immigration Adviser and an ex-Home Office Immigration Officer so we really know our stuff. Whilst most Solicitors have great legal experience, we’re able to add a working understanding of the process from the Home Office perspective.  As your Home Office representatives, we’re also able to gain access to the Sponsor Management System (SMS) which allows us clear visibility and easy management of your licence.