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Your end-to-end immigration service

Most businesses we work with don’t want to risk getting the immigration process wrong.

Making a mistake can cost you time and money, at best.  At worst, your licence can be revoked altogether, and you may incur an unwanted civil penalty.

Becoming a Premium Client means:

Remove the danger of delays, errors and complications and let us handle the legal process entirely, from start to finish.

Rapid, risk-free sponsorship

With our Premium service, we’ll support the entire immigration sponsorship process.  If you’re looking to sponsor staff from overseas, we’re the secret to success.  Don’t forget that the earlier you bring us in, the smoother the process.  Here’s why:

Before we even start work, it’s important we understand your needs.  By finding out what you’re looking for and the types of roles you need to fill, we’ll immediately know whether you’re even eligible for the sponsorship scheme.

A huge amount of information is needed at this stage, with multiple documents required to support your application.  We know the system inside out so we’re able to easily navigate the application process, supplying the relevant information at each stage to ensure there are no delays.

Once your licence has been granted, you can start the recruitment process for workers.  If you’ve not done this before, we can recommend some excellent companies to help you identify the best candidates.

Once you’ve shortlisted your chosen candidates, we’ll take care of issuing certificates of sponsorship to each individual.  This is a tricky stage with multiple opportunities for error.  It’s vitally important that the details on these certificates are accurate and specifically match your sponsor licence conditions – otherwise visa applications will be refused.

The final task is to achieve visas for each candidate you wish to employ.  It’s only on completion of this stage – when candidates are issued with valid work visas – that you can begin to reap the rewards of your new expanded workforce.  We’ll take on the process of managing each individual application, ensuring that paperwork is issued as rapidly as possible so you can get workers started in good time.

We’ll make it our job to ensure your teams fully understand your “sponsor duties” in order to remain compliant.  We can also ensure relevant changes to your company or your sponsored workers are reported to the Sponsor Management System (SMS) and keep you abreast of expectations in terms of ongoing compliance.


Fikret Elshani

Corporate/Premium client

“So far I have had a great service very professional and helpful”

Jay Cholewinski

Corporate client

“We didn’t even realise that sponsorship was an option to onboard a senior accountant. SL&V have been impressive throughout, fast, efficient and friendly”

Carol Wilson

Corporate/Premium client

“SL&V helps with ensuring all documents are genuine in an informative and professional manner”

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