Bespoke immigration consultants

Immigration matters are complex and ever changing yet success or failure impacts people’s lives on many levels. 

Whether you’re in need of personal immigration advice or support as a sponsor business or educator, immigration consultants can work with you to advise on visa issues, best practice and ensure compliance.

Our regulated advisers check eligibility and assess risk on a daily basis. If you are facing specific corporate or personal challenges, we can help provide the solutions – either as a full service or simply for advice or help on a particular matter.

Let SL&V’s immigration consultants guide the way

UK immigration law is a complex and ever-changing landscape.  It’s hard to keep up with new rules and regulations and the risk of non-compliance with your duties or visa endorsements could significantly damage your immigration status.

SL&V are professional, experienced and regulated Immigration Advisers who know the system inside out.  We can take on the application paperwork and complete the process for you – but for those who just want advice and guidance or a document checking service, our consultancy service is for you.

Get in touch and engage us on an hourly or fixed price basis for all your immigration needs.

Four reasons you’re better off with SL&V

Using qualified immigration consultants rather than navigating a complex system yourself brings you undeniable benefits.

Getting things wrong can have serious consequences.  You could lose your sponsor licence or even find that a visa application is refused, which then threatens the continuity of your immigration status.  Seeking guidance and advice significantly reduces these risks and ensures that individuals and businesses are aware of immigration requirements and responsibilities.

Staying abreast of changing immigration laws is a full time job. Our immigration consultants have a constant eye on immigration rules and guidance.  With our ability to understand and interpret the rules, and recognise any updates, you can leave the hard bit to us.

Often when people take on immigration tasks alone they can find the process confusing and overwhelming. If an immigration application is refused it can result in a loss of Home Office fees and require a new application to be made. By instructing our expert immigration consultants you stand a better chance of getting things right the first time, ultimately saving time and additional costs.

Our leadership team is made up of a qualified Level 3 OISC Immigration Adviser and an ex-Home Office Immigration Officer so we really know our stuff. Many solicitor firms have great legal experience, however, we also have a working understanding of the process from the Home Office perspective.  As your Home Office representatives, we’re also able to gain access to the Sponsor Management System (SMS) which allows us clear visibility and easy management of your licence.