Immigration compliance - protecting your business

As a company employing an overseas workforce, you must be aware of your sponsor duties.

Any failure to comply with stringent Home Office requirements and responsibilities puts your sponsor licence in jeopardy.  If you lose your licence you’ll lose your sponsored workforce.

SL&V are experts in immigration compliance – let us advise you on your duties as a sponsor, and help guide you through the compliance minefield.

Have confidence with SL&V’s immigration compliance solutions

We’re here to protect your reputation and your workforce by ensuring close compliance with the criteria set out for sponsor licence holders.

There are three ways we can help with this:

Compliance audit
A one off service in which we inspect your business and check your HR processes, just as you’d expect from your Home Office inspection.  We’ll then provide a full report, advising on any changes that need to be made and informing you of your duties and responsibilities.

An intuitive HR software solution which makes light work of your compliance responsibilities.  Often failure to comply happens due to poor internal processes, and this recommended software contains all you need to meet your sponsor obligations.  We can even set it up for you and train you on how to use it. +HR can also help you meet the eligibility requirements when making your initial sponsor licence application. 

Ongoing compliance advice and support
Free immigration advice is available to all Premium Clients and this has proven to be really valuable in supporting the understanding of compliance requirements.  Our end to end service ensures we look after you from start to finish – establishing your sponsor licence, requesting Certificates of Sponsorship and helping your potential sponsored workers to gain their work visas with a close eye on compliance throughout.

Four reasons you’re better off with SL&V

Using qualified Immigration Advisers for immigration compliance rather than navigating a complex system yourself brings you undeniable benefits.

Your responsibility as a  sponsor licence holder is significant.  Each action needs to be exactly right or the impact on your licence, your workforce and your reputation can be huge.  With UK immigration laws changing rapidly, it’s almost impossible to be totally up to speed without a dedicated adviser on your side. 

We recommend +HR, a dedicated software solution which is simple to use and affordable. +HR can assist you in meeting your sponsor duties and even make day to day HR tasks easier.

At some point during the 4 year term of your sponsor licence, you’ll be audited by the Home Office. If the audit identifies non-compliant practices this may leave your licence at risk of suspension or revocation.  Our team has inside knowledge of how these inspections are carried out and we’ll run your company through a mock audit in order to provide a full report of recommendations, ensuring you’re well placed to pass the official audit.

Our leadership team is made up of a qualified Level 3 OISC Immigration Adviser and an ex-Home Office Immigration Officer so we really know our stuff. Many solicitor firms have great legal experience, however, we also have a working understanding of the process from the Home Office perspective.  As your Home Office representatives, we’re also able to gain access to the Sponsor Management System (SMS) which allows us clear visibility and easy management of your licence.