Compliant HR System

14th April 2023

Having an adequate HR system in place ensures that your business remains compliant with its duties as a sponsor. Smaller businesses without a HR department or HR systems in place can be more at risk of sponsor licence revocation. 

Why should your business have a HR system in place?

An adequate HR system will help a business to comply with their sponsor duties.

A good system can keep track of employees’ contact details, right-to-work checks, visa expiry dates, absences, sickness, and holidays.  

Employee files are easily accessible in case of a Home Office audit a business must be able to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about each of their employees, particularly their migrant workers at any time. 


What happens if your business doesn’t have a HR system in place?

The Home Office will expect your business to comply with its ‘sponsor duties’, this will require evidence that certain processes are in place. With no HR system in place your business may be at risk of losing its sponsor licence. 

Key visa renewal dates may be missed. This could result in the expiry of an employee’s skilled worker visa, leaving the business to face potential civil penalty fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker.

We can help you

+HR is an intuitive HR software solution provided by us which makes light work of your compliance responsibilities.  Often failure to comply happens due to poor internal processes, and this recommended software contains all you need to meet your sponsor obligations.  We can set it up for you and train you on how to use it. +HR can also help you meet the eligibility requirements when making your initial sponsor licence application.

Why choose +HR?

We recommend +HR, it is a dedicated software solution which is simple to use and affordable. +HR can assist you in meeting your sponsor duties and even make day to day HR tasks easier. This software has been tested and proven during multiple Home Office audits.

Will my business be audited by the Home Office?

The chances are, yes. businesses are likely to have a Home Office audit either prior to the issue of their sponsor licence or during the 4 year validity of the licence. These audits are conducted to assess compliance with sponsor duties and can include consideration of HR practices, procedures and policies.

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