Why should a business hold a sponsor licence?

22nd November 2023

Have you thought about the potential benefits for your company’s talent pool through obtaining a sponsorship licence during busy seasons?

The holiday season is approaching, and for businesses it’s a time of heightened activity, increased demand, and the need for a dynamic workforce to keep up with the busy festive period. We recommend that businesses consider obtaining a sponsor licence for the following reasons:

Employment Solutions

Seasonal periods often bring a surge in consumer activity, and businesses need to be prepared. Having a sponsor licence allows companies to swiftly and legally bring in skilled workers or temporary workers to meet the increased demand. This flexibility ensures that your business doesn’t miss out on opportunities due to a lack of workforce. Workers can be employed for a fixed term and this could be for a period of weeks, months or years.

Efficient Response to Seasonal Changes

The holiday season is marked by unpredictable peaks in customer traffic. With a sponsor licence in place, businesses can respond promptly to changes in employment needs. Whether it’s supporting sales teams or enhancing other departments, the ability to sponsor workers efficiently is a game-changer during the busy holiday period.

Access to a Global Talent Pool 

The global marketplace is full of talented individuals eager to contribute during peak seasons. A sponsor licence opens up avenues to the international talent pool. Businesses can bring in skilled professionals from around the world, enriching their teams and infusing new ideas and perspectives into the workplace.

Avoiding Compliance Difficulties

Navigating the complexities of employment and immigration regulations can be challenging, especially during peak periods. A sponsor licence provides businesses with the assurance that they are operating within legal frameworks. This not only eases the risk of non-compliance but also allows the business to focus on delivering outstanding products and services.

Enhancing Diversity and Innovation 

Businesses with a sponsor licence can capitalise on this by applying a multicultural work environment. Diverse teams bring varied perspectives and innovative solutions, essential elements for navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the festive season.

Building Long-Term Relationships 

While initially sought for seasonal assistance, a sponsor licence sets the stage for long-term relationships with skilled professionals. Identifying talent during the busy season can lead to ongoing collaborations that benefit the business beyond the seasonal period.

A sponsor licence is recognised as a strategic asset for businesses. It not only facilitates employment solutions but also positions companies to thrive among the busy period. As you get ready for the season, consider the many advantages that a sponsor licence can bring to your business.

Please click here for our sponsor licence application guide.

There is no obligation for the business to pay for the candidates flight however, if the business would like to they can do so. The Home Office have confirmed that where the flight is paid for by the business they would not expect this cost to be recouped from the candidate.

There is no minimum period of sponsorship and costs can vary depending upon the term of sponsorship. The maximum period for a Skilled Worker visa is 5 years. 

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