Sponsor Licence Application Guide

Everything you need to know before applying for a sponsor licence Do you require a sponsor licence? The lack of skilled workers in the UK is evident. However, the opportunity to explore creative ideas, bring in top expertise, and expand your company can be realised by having a sponsor licence. If a UK business wishes […]

IT skilled worker shortages

New technology changes have led to IT skilled worker shortages With the world rapidly adapting to new technology challenges, there is a huge demand on IT skilled workers, and it has now reached a point where there is a shortage of the skilled workers. IT sector jobs have a huge impact on businesses, the absence of […]

Common visa application mistakes to avoid

Applying for a visa is never easy. Here are some of the common mistakes. 1. Inaccurate data or an incomplete application The visa application form must be filled out completely in every section. Do not skip any sections and ensure all information you provide is accurate. There are instructions in every section about what to […]

Defined and Undefined Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

A CoS is a digital file with a unique reference number, this certificate is issued through the sponsor, to a visa candidate. But there are different types of CoS. Defined Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Defined CoS are for Candidates applying for a Skilled Worker visa from overseas. Without a defined CoS their application will be […]

Minimum Salary Changes

The Home Office has recently issued some amendments to the Immigration Rules as contained in the most recent Statement of Changes. UKVI Minimum Salary Thresholds If you sponsor overseas workers there are several minimum salary requirement changes which are likely to impact your business. The following changes, relating to sponsored worker salary requirements, came into […]

Compliant HR System

Having an adequate HR system in place ensures that your business remains compliant with its duties as a sponsor. Smaller businesses without a HR department or HR systems in place can be more at risk of sponsor licence revocation. Why should your business have a HR system in place? An adequate HR system will help […]