IT skilled worker shortages

14th April 2023

New technology changes have led to IT skilled worker shortages  

With the world rapidly adapting to new technology challenges, there is a huge demand on IT skilled workers, and it has now reached a point where there is a shortage of the skilled workers. 

IT sector jobs have a huge impact on businesses, the absence of this sector causes excess stress on existing employees and puts their wellbeing at risk as they may not possess the correct IT skills for the role. 

According to industry estimates, there will be a shortage of approximately 50 million IT skilled workers by 2030. This is a significant issue for businesses trying to keep up to date with the rapid changes in modern technology. To address this shortage, businesses must start exploring new opportunities to find the IT talent they need in their business.

What can you do to address this shortage?

Why not sponsor a worker from overseas? We can assist you at every stage of the procedure, making it simpler for you to bring your future skilled employees to the UK.

There are many advantages for sponsoring workers from overseas, such as a wider range of talented individuals, cost efficiencies and cultural diversity. Due to many IT occupations remaining on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL), you benefit from lower visa application fees and potentially lower salary requirements.

If you are interested, please drop us an email and we will be happy to help you.

The benefits can outweigh the challenges, but the first consideration should be, is the sponsorship route right for the business. To make this decision you will need to be fully aware of the financial impact and compliance requirements placed upon sponsor licence holders. Fundamentally, there are numerous matters to be aware of and that’s where SL&V can help, our dedicated team understand the process from end-to-end and can discuss this in great depth. Once you understand the challenges you can make an informed decision.

The standard Home Office visa processing times are currently 3 weeks however these are subject to change. You must also factor in time for candidates to get their required documentation in order prior to their application, and arrange their travel to the UK once their visa has been approved.

Below you will find a list of the IT occupations eligible for sponsorship under the Skilled Worker route:
  • IT directors and specialist managers 
  • IT project and programme managers 
  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers 
  • IT consultants 
  • Quality Analysts 
  • Software Testers and System Testers 
  • Telecommunications planner 
  • IT operations technicians and IT user support technicians 
  • IT engineers 
  • Programmers and software development professionals
Most of these occupations are currently on the Shortage Occupation List. 

The shortage occupation list (SOL) is a list of occupations for which there is a shortage of skilled labour within the resident worker pool. The occupations on the list currently benefit from lower salary thresholds* and reduced visa fees.

The SOL is designed to make it more attractive for employers to fill their vacancies by sponsoring overseas candidates in these occupations.

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