About Us

SL&V provide an unrivalled level of service thanks to the unique makeup of our team.

Most immigration advice is offered by either OISC trained advisers or Solicitors but our dedicated yet agile team has wider experience.

We’re OISC regulated  – but we also have more to offer.

We understand how the Home Office works

Due to the collective experience of our team, we have a solid understanding of how Home Office caseworkers make decisions.

This is great news for businesses who want to feel secure in their compliance.  We have a former Enforcement Officer on our team, able to bring you first-hand expertise in how to succeed at inspections or audits.  Be confident in your compliance with SL&V.

We have insight into how visa decisions are made

A number of our team members have worked in overseas Embassies and High Commissions, which brings great value in terms of understanding visa applications.  We have better insight into how risks are evaluated and decisions are made – meaning we’re able to mitigate for these right from the start.  Knowledge is power in assisting your applications.

We’re used to finding solutions for complex situations

Our team has over 37 years’ experience from many different angles within the world of immigration which makes us unique.  Due to the fact we’ve worked in a variety of roles, you’re gaining from a multitude of skills within the immigration sector.  So whether you’re an individual looking for help with an application, or a large corporation needing significant support, we’ve got what you need to make a difference.

Our Core Values


We operate with full transparency and are open, honest and fair in all aspects of the business


We constantly adapt to respond to clients’ challenges

Client Focused

We put you first and guide you with our expertise and experience


We take immense pride in what we do


We work together constantly striving for excellence

Meet the Team

Kevin Barker


As a former Immigration Officer, Kevin has extensive knowledge of immigration rules and processes and holds over 17 years of practice within the sector. As an executive Home Office official, Kevin has worked in overseas visa sections, as part of a criminal intelligence team and as a border officer at Heathrow Airport. With experience of conducting Home Office audits and a comprehensive understanding of the entire immigration system, Kevin offers honest and well-grounded business advice and support. With a family background in care, Kevin has also owned and managed a residential care home for 7 years, including 2 challenging years of COVID-19.

In addition, Kevin sits on advisory boards for numerous charities and organisations so that they may benefit from his expertise and experience.

Peju Ojemuyiwa


Peju is a Director of the organisation and is one of the UK’s leading Immigration Consultants. She is a highly experienced and sought after Immigration and Compliance Consultant with over 17-years’ experience dealing with UK Visas & Immigration.

She is registered by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at the highest level and has supported businesses to ensure that the migration of staff is compliant with relevant country migration laws, specifically the United Kingdom.

Peju’s expertise lies in advising and engaging with stakeholders to review and implement best processes that help them remain proactive with regulatory changes. She has also supported countless applicants and their families to visit, migrate and settle down in the UK through developing packages tailored to fit individual situations and by de-mystifying the immigration process.

Roxana Duta

OISC Regulated Immigration Adviser

Roxana joined the company in May 2022, with her main role focusing on Corporate and Private Immigration services. She graduated with an LLB (Hons) in Law, Roxana’s role has developed over time.

Maddie Jones

OISC Regulated Immigration Adviser

Maddie joined the company in June 2022 in her role as an Assistant Immigration Consultant. She graduated with an LLM in International Law. Maddie works in both corporate and private immigration.


Wider Team

SL&V operations are also supported by a wider admin team, ensuring that we provide the best possible support to all of our clients.

Helen Clist

Senior Assistant Immigration Adviser

Helen joined the team in May 2023 in her role as an Assistant Immigration Advisor and has developed her role over time. She brings over 16 years of experience in case management from different sectors. Helen is responsible for supporting our regulated advisers and ensuring that matters move forward smoothly and in a timely manner. 

Samena Parbin

Marketing Administrator

Samena joined the company in February 2023 in her role as our Marketing Administrator, bringing over 2 years of experience in the marketing industry from different sectors. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Media and Communication. Samena is responsible for ensuring regular marketing updates are conveyed through social media, emails or any other marketing format.